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BMW diagnostic tool supposed to be powerful , and full of special functions that is capable of performing different jobs like ECU replacement, Ecu update, coding, adaptations, key programming etc. It may save time of error detection and may be successful in detecting the fault codes. Apart from diagnose functions and service functions, it combines all the workshop requirements.

One of the main functions of this type of diagnostic tool software is to perform ECU programming. ECU or Electric Control Unit programming can do wonders in a car! Starting from unlocking of doors to rolling up of windows- nothing is impossible for them. This revolutionary technology even helps in effortless gear changing.

A good and a good reputation name in the market is Autologic for BMW diagnostic tool. It is a famous in the field of aftermarket automobile diagnosis. Its important features are:

  • It works faster and smarter than dealer software ISTA-D and ISTA-P diagnostic tools.
  • It provides technical information with respect to vehicle repairing.
  • It can do Coding Individualization and Programming Software.
  • There are many configuring abilities for the Ecu. The type of configuration depends on the Ecu features.
  • It is efficient in ECU programming.
  • It is undoubtedly the most comprehensive software that the BMW specialists use.
  • It has some functions for component activation.
  • It has some functions to clear and set the adaptation values.

The Autologic BMW Diagnostic Tool:

BMW Diagnostic Tool
BMW Diagnostic Tool
  • A good feature in Autologic BMW diagnostic tool: it is the only aftermarket BMW scan tool. It is easy to use. It is also a scan tool that provides both programming and coding under the single platform.
  • A large, touch-sensitive screen displays the information. And if all these reasons are not enough, it supports the trial substitution of control units and helps in the fitting of BMW accessories.
  • While Autologic BMW coverage is mainly for the vehicles of the year 1996 onwards, BMW Mini coverage by it is for vehicles from 2001 onwards.
  • AssistPlus: One of the Autologic products for BMW is AssistPlus. It is basically a combinations of European multi-brand diagnostic abilities with third-party information sources and has a number of online features to give you the best possible experience! It is deft at handling the European cars with complex designs. However No Ecu Programming, No Ecu coding as well. It is just a good general scan tool for average repair shops.


Another famous brand : AutoHex II BMW diagnostic tool.

Autohex II BMW Diagnostic tool was designed by Microtronik, a software company located in Dubai. The specialities of this brand are:

  • It was designed to do individual coding and programming for each Ecu in BMW
  • The VIN of all ECU including that of CAS ECU can be changed using this tool very easily.
  • In case of defective Car Access System: CAS 1,2,3 and CAS3+, Autohex II can change it with other used CAS.
  • It is capable of do backup and restoring FA (vehicle order) from the different CAS, ZGW, LM, and FRM.
  • Each module can be programmed on its own.
  • It also has the ability to run dealer software with absolute compatibility.
  • It also supports free update.
  • Very good technical support, you may take help of the free support using Teamviewer, emails, skype or whatsapp.

Autohex II is thus the right brand to choose in terms of BMW diagnostic tools.

More information, Please visit Microtronik website, you can visit Autohex II Forum:

So, you can trust these BMW diagnostic softwares instead of doing it manually or approaching mechanics for the same! They work best and are the ideal tools that your car would need!